Customised planispheres

Personalised planispheres

Rob Walrecht Productions not only has the most extensive planisphere programme in the world, with:
  • planispheres in sixteen languages and
  • English planispheres for ten different latitude zones, together covering the entire populated world.
We are also specialised in customised planispheres: containing your name, logo and information, and in the size, colours and shape you prefer. Please scroll down for examples of customised planispheres.

Advantage of numbers

Due to the high starting costs for the printing companies involved the minimum number we can normally offer is 500. Or 2 x 250, for both parts of the planispheres are printed in pairs. Sometimes it is possible to combine two different orders for 250, 500, 1000 or even 2000 - as long as the versions are similar with respect to colours, size and shape. Therefore, it is always good to ask us about possible opportunities of combining your Planisphere with another (see the next part for current opportunities).

>> Special offer 2000, 1000, 500 and 250 Planispheres!

14 January 2019:
We've are very low on stock of our best-selling French Planisphère (PLN-47F) and so we will need to start production of another 1000 (or possibly 2000) soon. Its is of the standard design (see below).
This means we can offer you 1000 or 2000 (your choice!) copies of a customised planisphere for your organisation, similar in size, shape and colours, for a very special price:

- 1000 copies: Euro 4390.00 (Euro 4.39 pp - normal price Euro 4.83)
- 2000 copies: Euro 7340.00 (Euro 3.67 pp - normal price Euro 3.99)
Prices without VAT (EU) and cost of transportation.

The offer is for 1000 or 2000 copies of a 25 cm (10 inch) round planisphere, with as colours:
- star chart and backside: blue and black
- upper disc: brick red and broken white
Also see this picture of the planisphere we made for the Ritter Planetarium in 2017. Extra colours can be added at additional cost.

Opportunities for 250 and 500

We are also low on some of our other standard models and will possibly print these in numbers of 250 or 500 - leading to these possible opportunities for customised planispheres:

- 250 copies: Euro 1775.00 (Euro 7.10 pp - normal price Euro n/a)
- 500 copies: Euro 2800.00 (Euro 5.60 pp - normal price Euro 6.34)
Prices without VAT (EU) and cost of transportation.

So this may be your chance to get started with the best planispheres, with the name of your organisation on them!

Interested? Don't wait too long!
When you are interested in any of the offers (i.e. numbers), please let us know as soon as possible! If you are a returning customer we may go ahead pretty quickly, but if this is the first planisphere you order from us, we have to start working on the design soon!
Please don't hesitate to contact us, even if you are not yet sure.

Left: our latest English model for 50° north. Based on this design we could, for instance, make a Planisphere for the United Kingdom (for, say, 55° north: covering the whole of the UK).

>> Special offers Standard Planispheres

14 January 2019:
We have numbers of standard planispheres (so our own publications) that are of older designs and sometimes (experimental) colours. They are perfectly good planispheres and in mint condition, but we prefer to just have planispheres of more recent design in stock.
We also have some 'hybrid' planispheres, consisting of a star chart and an upper disc of different runs (years). These are also fine planispheres, but we can't sell them to 'normal' customers.

We offer them for Euro 3.00 pp (excl. VAT, for customers in the EU), when bought is numbers of 20 or higher (or less when we don't have 20).

Models involved:
PLN-50 - English Planisphere for 50° north - 100 copies published in 2009
PLN-S40 - English Planisphere for 40° south - 100 copies published in 2005
PLN-50NL - Nederlandse planisfeer voor 50° NB - 300 copies published in 2007 (when reprinted)

PLN-S20 - English Planisphere for 20° south - 29 copies 2006/2016
PLN-S40 - English Planisphere for 40° south - 14 copies 2008/2014
PLN-40NL - Nederlandse planisfeer voor 40° NB - 82 copies 2004/2011

Products offered for Euro 3.00 pp (excl. VAT, for customers in the EU), when bought is numbers of 20 or higher.
MDL-SS - Solar System scale model in 16 cards, metric version (2003) - 750
MDL-SS-US - Solar System scale model in 16 cards, US version (2003) - 900
soon more information...

Planispheres in 16 languages now!

Our new Polish and Portuguese planispheres, which we designed and produced for, are the 15th and 16th language versions of our planispheres. It clearly shows our unique ability to make any (customised) planisphere you as customer might need!
We already have standard planispheres (our own publications) in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Frisian (the second language of the Netherlands!). We also made customised planispheres (other language versions usually can only be provided as customised planispheres) in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Inuit (native people of Greenland) and Romanian (that last one also for Omegon).

Mind you, we can't provide the texts in other languages than English and Dutch, so you would need to deliver that yourself.  For your convenience we offer master files in English:
If you have questions about this, please let us know.

Why should you have your own customised planisphere?

Ideal premium

Such a customised planisphere is ideal as a promo for your customers or prospects, or a gift during special actions. Everybody like the planisphere, as it is simple 'instant' astronomy: just set it for the correct date and time and the planisphere shows you what you can see outside!
And as most people have no idea that such a simple 'guide to the stars' exists, it will be highly appreciated by anyone who receives one. So it will not end up in the trash, but on the bookshelf. And your customers and prospects will enthusiastically show their planisphere to colleagues, family, friends and others.

Everything is possible!

Since 1993 we have produced tens of thousands of customised planispheres for customers in Europe and North America. Among these customers are many planetariums and museums, but also an accountants company, a farmaceutical company and a National Park in Québec. You'll understand that our expertise in this field is second to none!

Our motto is: Everything is possible! The only thing we will not change is the sky...

New: Full Colour Planispheres

The latest development is the printing of the star chart and back side of planispheres in full colour. This used to be too expensive but now it is hardly more expensive than printing in two colours like we used to do for many years. Use of more colours offers tremendous advantages like making the names of stars, constellations and objects better readable when using a red flashlight to look at the stars. But it is now also possible to provide colour codes to certain or all objects, providing an even prettier back side etc.
Below you see the first two planispheres that were printed in full colour: at left the Planisfeer the Netherlands (PLN-NL, 11th edition) and at right the latest edition of the Planisphère of the Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, in Québec, Canada.

Left: our latest version of the Planisfeer for the Netherlands and Belgium (PLN-NL)
Right:: the Planisphère that we made for a park in Québec, Canada.

Download this pamphlet for more information and samples of what a design could look like now!


If you are interested, please let us know. We will then send you the price information and everything else you may need.

Customised versions of our other products

Also our other products, like the (Dutch) books, the 'Build-it-Yourself' star wheel and sundial, the Solar System Scale Model, etc., can also be customised. This naturally includes a translation to the language needed, as long as you provide this translation.

We have now translated the first chapter of the first book (B01: Enjoying the Starry Sky). We can send that and the books to any publisher or company that would like to publish its own astronomy book.

Examples of 25 cm (10”) round models, front sides


Examples of 25 cm (10”) round models, back sides


Examples of 17.5 cm (7”) round models