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We have produced our first full colour planispheres. Colours can be used to enhance the readability of a planisphere, particularly in the dark, using a red flashlight.
About our plans to design and produce a 70 cm Planisphere, in Dutch and English (for 40 and/or 50 degrees).
In 2015 two wonderful, exciting new cardboard kits came out: an Earth-Moon model (or Tellurium) and a unique Table Planetarium.
On 14 November 2009 the first "Fryske planisfear" (Frisian planisphere) was presented to alderman (actually alderwoman) Haukje Rypstra of the Frisian municipality of Tytsjerksteradiel, the first to accept the Frisian language for official communication.
Six unique and colourful posters about astronomy and the Solar System. Not available in English.
We have designed extra cards for our Solar System scale model, to represent objects that were discovered after the publication. They may be freely downloaded from this site.
Today, 21 October 2011, our latest planisphere was published: a Turkish planisphere (PLN-40Tu). It is the fourteenth language version.