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Welcome to Rob Walrecht Productions

Astronomy has never been more fun!
Do you want to be able to recognise the stars and constellations? Do you want to understand the Universe? Do you want to be able to understand, visualise the huge distances within our Solar System and beyond, and the emptiness of the Universe? Then you have come to the right people.

The Planisphere is your perfect guide to the stars. It is also very useful as a premium and even available in a personalised design, for businesses and organisations. See under Business.

And there are more exclusive astronomy products, like the Table Planetarium and the Solar System scale model: your own Planet Path!

The Planisphere
Read more about what the Planisphere offers you.

Why a Planisphere, instead of an app? See this page

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Eclipse glasses: order in time for the 8th April Eclipse

To get your order to you naturally takes time. Except for in the Netherlands shipping to European countries will take days. Shipping to the US and Canada will certainly take a week. Please keep this in mind when your order.

You will find our eclipse glasses here:
- 1 set of eclipse glasses 
- 5 sets of eclipse glasses
- the Dutch brochure 'Veilig de zon waarnemen' (safely watching the sun) and 5 sets of eclipse glasses 

PLEASE NOTE: Prices Planispheres will be increased!

As of 1 March 2024 the prices of our planispheres will be raised 
from € 11.95 to € 13.95.

Unfortunately, this has been necessary for some years now, because of the increased cost of printing. We have now finally made the decision.
The PLN-EQR (our Equatorial Planisphere) remains priced at € 19.95, the prices of all other products will not be raised.

Planisphere for 65 degrees N

Perfect for Iceland, Greenland and Northern Scandinavia, as well as for the northern area's of Canada and Russia.

You can order them from this page.


Eclips glasses

Watch solar eclipses safely!

The only safe way to observe the Sun with the naked eyes is through special eclipse glasses. You can order them from this page.

For large orders (50+) please send an e-mail to us:


The new catalogue

Our new catalogue is ready, finally showing ALL our products again. It also has English explanations.You can download it here. It has Dutch and English text and explanation (in light blue).

Special sets of planispheres

For people who want better coverage

We offer several sets of planispheres, like the Europe Set, North America Set, World Sets (several) and Pacific Set. You can find them here. They are basicaly in English but we can swap any latitude version for one in another language, when it is available.

Solar System scale model in cards - scale 1:100 billion

We now have our complete Solar System scale model in cards also in English! Besides the basic set, consisting of 32 cards for as many objects or subjects, we also did the complementary set in English (24 cards); these are for the die-hards.

Please see this page.