New products - overview

New Astroset and New Solar System scale model
These new (Dutch) products were officially launched on 31 October 2015:
  • Astroset Moon and Planets

This new set consists of two cardboard kits: the Earth-Moon model and the Table Planetarium.
With these two models you can illustrate the motions of the Moon and the planets: the eastward motion of Moon and planets, the phases of the Moon, solar and lunar eclipses, the annual motion of the Sun (along the ecliptic and against the background of the constellations of the Zodiac), all the important positions of the planets in their orbits around the Sun (conjunctions, opposition and greatest elongations) and the effect on their visibility, occasional backward (westward or retrograde) motion of the planets, and more!
The set is in Dutch, but the instruction to build it and the user guide will eventually also be on this website in English.

  • Book The Big Bang and the expanding Universe

The book De Oerknal en het uitdijend heelal (Zoeken naar het begin van alles) was written bij professor em. Henny Lamers and Rob Walrecht and gives a strikingly clear overview of what we now know about the Universe, and the past (the Big Bang) and the future of it.

The De Oerknal contains 34 full colour pages, with many wonderful pictures and illustrations.
The price: € 12,95.


  • The new Solar System scale model

We also published the new version of our Solar System scale model, or Planet Path, in cards, scale 1:100 billion, See here for more information. The cards contain so much information about the Sun, the planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, ice dwarfs and comets that it is in fact a scale model and concise encyclopedia of the Solar System in one. Our first scale models were the Dutch, English metris and US versions (the last one with inches, miles etc.), published in 2003. This is a completely new scale model, with the latest information and pictures, and improved due to my own new ideas.
There are two new sets:
  • a basic set, with 16 cards for the Sun, the eight planets and five dwarf planets, asteroids and nearby stars. There is also a card which explains this scale model and scale models in general. This set costs € 14,95.
  • a supplementary set with a number of objecten to complete your model. It contain 16 cards for the Moon, the asteroids Vesta and Hermione (to show the boundaries of the Asteroid Belt), Chariklo (a Centaur, an ice dwarf in the region of the giant planets), comets, the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud, the Voyagers and some candidate dwarf planets. This set costs € 17,95.
  • Both sets ordered in the same order cost less: € 29,90.

As said there will be Building Instructions (for the Astroset Moon and Planets) and User Guides available that can be downloaded for free, as PDF's on this website (work in progress).

English Solar System scale models
We published the first Solar System scale models of this type in 2003, in Dutch as well as in English (a metric version and a US version, the last one with miles, inches, fahrenheit etc.). Here is the product pages containing these two products. As you can see they are discounted now.

These models are naturally itself oudated, as Pluto is now a dwarf planet and many large ice dwarfs were not known then. However, you can add new cards, and a replacement card for Pluto, by downloading the files on our website here. You can print these and add them to the model.
These addtitional cards are 'work in progress' as we change them when necessary (we're also behind, will fix that a.s.a.p. - RJW, May 2016).