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Teaching material

In the course of thirty years we have developed and published various products particularly as teaching tools for young people. Some are available in English. See à ‘Our products and leaflets’ for more information.

  • Planispheres. The designs include declination and right ascension features, and they also enable students to determine the time of sunrise and sunset.
  • ‘Build-it-yourself’ Star Wheel (a simpler version of the Planisphere)
  • ‘Build-it-yourself’ Sundial   (to learn about the time we use)
  • Solar System scale model (concise encyclopaedia and 1:100 billion scale model in one)
  • The three books of the series ‘Genieten van de sterrenkunde’ (‘Enjoying Astronomy’) – ONLY IN DUTCH
  • Set of six astronomy posters – ONLY IN DUTCH