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Special events

We can offer astronomical support to all kinds of events, particularly those aimed at youngsters, but also evening events, staff parties and company event entertainment.
An extra – and exclusive – opportunity are our Planispheres. Your people or customers will be very glad to receive one!
In the presentation we can explain the working of the planisphere, and all its extra features. If (some of) your people or customers are Dutch speaking, you can even throw in our wonderful books of the series ‘Enjoying Astronomy’, for instance the introductory part ‘Genieten van de sterrenhemel’. The surprise will be complete!
If you want to hire us to entertain youngsters, we have a series of specially developed products for them: the ‘build-it-yourself’ Star Wheel and Sundial, and the Solar System scale model.
You can order all these product with the commercial discounts.
For VERY SPECIAL EVENTS (and under special conditions*) we can bring our large Solar System scale model into action (scale 1:10 billion).
With this scale model, consisting of pole-based containers with the models of the Sun, the planets, the dwarf planets and all their moons, we can offer the public a wonderful and very instructive Journey through our Solar System! De total length of this scale model up to Pluto is 470 m, but can be extended to 640 m or more using the many (candidate) dwarf planets that were discovered this century. The nearest next star is a possibility… if you want to travel 4000 km!
*) We need at least four people just to protect the models. On private terrain that may not be necessary.