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Downloadable extra cards Solar System scale model

Extra cards for Solar System scale model

The unique scale model of the Solar System (MDL-SS = English metric version, MDL-SS-US = US version with inches, feet etc.) that we published in 2003 can be extended with free downlaodable cards for objects that were discovered after its publication. There is also a new one for Pluto, that was deleted from the list of planets in August 2006.

These cards can be freely downloaded from our website (see Our products/About the Solar System Scale Model/New information and additions). We have only made English metric cards for this, as it is a lot of work and we believe more and more Americans understand the metric information. Metric data also allows for easy calculating scale distances yourself: if there is an object in the news which is at 250 million km, you know the distance in your scale model is 25 metres!

The cards can be printed in colour and added to the cards of the Solar System scale model, to make this model completely up-to-date. It makes the scale model 2.5 times larger, though...

And it adds greatly to its value as a concise encyclopedia of the Solar System!