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New: A Turkish planisphere for 40° north!

The foutheenth language version.

Today, 21 October 2011, our latest planisphere was published: a Turkish planisphere (PLN-40Tu). It is the fourteenth language version.

This new planisphere is designed for 40° north latitude so accurate for the whole of Turkey. In NW Europe there will be small deviations: there we can see a small number of (circumpolar) stars that are always visible (as long as it is clear, and night of course) while they will rise and set in Turkey; and in Turkey you can see stars in the south that are not visible at more northern latitudes. But doesn’t make the PLN-40Tu useless in NW Europe!

The text was provided by the Turkish astrophysicist Hikmet Yükselici, from the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul. He also offered to assist in bringing this new planisphere to the attention of the Turkish public. We are very grateful for his help!

The PLN-40Tu will be of the same price as most of our planispheres (€ 9.95) and will be available via this website soon.
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